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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?

GCMUN offers a full refund for conference fees up until March, 1. Hotel Accommodation refunds must be requested prior to February, 15. Our partner hotel requests advanced payments for the entirety of rooms and conference rooms booked, we won’t be able to issue refunds past March, 1.

Please be aware that if situation changes and new restrictions are put in place due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic refunds will be allowed past March, 1.

Are there any fees for Chaperones/Faculty Advisors? 

No, GCMUN does not charge anything to Chaperones/Faculty Advisors. The only fees are the $45/$60 per student (ie: a delegation of 20 students with 2 chaperones will be billed for $900 or $1200).

Do You offer student discounts?

Yes, we offer partial or wholly funded participation and discounts to schools that have been attending the past sessions of GCMUN.

What is the deadline for payment?

Usually, when we send you our estimate/invoice we schedule its payment in 30 days, but exceptions can ben made. Seats are not secured until payment has been completed. We do offer installment plans upon request. 

What method of payment does GCMUN accept?

Our preferred method of payment is PayPal, you invoice will be issued on their platform and you can settle it online with a credit card. 

We are aware that this might be difficult for some schools so we also accepts payments with check and wire transfers, contact us to know more.  

Do I need to stay at the venue hotel to participate in GCMUN?

No, GCMUN does not mandate its participants to book rooms at the venue hotel. All delegations are encouraged to choose the accommodation that best fits their needs/budget.

*Partner Hotel Accommodation 

Participants will be able to book rooms at the Sheraton Hotel Times Square New York directly through us, we will handle everything. Advisors, Parents and Students should not contact directly the hotel. 

Rooms can be Single or Doubles (usually for Faculty Advisors/Chaperones) and Quadruples (2 queen sized beds). Whatever the room the price is always $269/$289 per room per night. 

If your delegation is made up of 16 students with 1 faculty advisor, we will calculate a total of 5 rooms (4 student quadruples and 1 single for the FA). 5 rooms a night equals to $1345 or $1445. We usually consider 3 nights, but delegations are free to arrive a bit earlier and/or depart after the end of the conference.  

5 rooms for 3 nights equals to: $3885 or $4335 


How can I upgrade my registration?

Yes! After you have filled our registration form you will receive an email from our team with a recap and your estimate/invoice. Everything can be modified, number of students, rooms and whether or not you want stay at the venue hotel or not. 

Event Info


Sesssion 1: March 2-4, 2023

Session 2: March 20-22, 2023


Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel Business Center


3 Days, 9.30am to 6.30pm