Tentative Schedule

Please note that this schedule is tentative and subject to change. The finalized schedule will be provided in our conference handbook.


February 26 | March 19


4:30PM – 6.30PM

Participants Registration

More Info

Each school delegation will receive one or more tote bags, depending on the delegation size, containing personal badges, placards, and certificates of participation. GCMUN also provides a digital-only Conference Handbook for ease of access and sustainability.

Please note that registration does not require the presence of the entire team. The Head Teacher or a few student leaders are sufficient to collect the conference materials. Larger teams may bring 2-3 representatives.

For those unable to attend Regular Registration, a late registration option is available on the morning of the first conference day.


February 27 | March 20


10.00am – 11.00am

Pre-Session Briefing


11:00am – 1:00pm

Committee Session 1


1:00PM – 2:20pm

Lunch Break


2:30PM – 4:30pm

Committee Session 2


4:30PM – 5:00pm

Evening Break


5:00PM – 6:30pm

Committe Session 3


February 28 | March 21


9:30am – 12:30PM

Committee Session 4


12:30PM – 1:50pm

Lunch Break


2:00PM – 4:00pm

Committe Sessionn 5


4:00PM – 4:30pm

Evening Break


4:30PM – 6.00pm

Committee Session 6


8:30PM – 12.00am

Delegate Dance (Social Event)

Dance Info

The Delegate Dance is a social event designed for delegates to celebrate their accomplishments, cherish or forge new friendships, and have some supervised fun.

This event features a DJ and lively music, providing a moderate party atmosphere. Participation is optional and contingent upon school policies or individual preference.

Faculty Advisors are welcome to attend and supervise the event. Additionally, GCMUN staff will be on duty to oversee the event, ensuring that delegates adhere to the dress code, maintain a safe environment, and refrain from bringing any prohibited items.


March 1  | March 22


9:30am – 1.00pm

Committee Session 7


1:00am – 2:30pm

Lunch Break


3:00PM – 4:30pm

Shift 1 Closing Ceremony


4:30PM – 6.00pm

Shift 2 Closing Ceremony

Shift Info

Due to the large size of GCMUN, we are unable to host a single ceremony. Consequently, the conference has been divided into two shifts. This division, based on committee assignments, ensures that all school teams remain intact, as each school’s committees are allocated according to the shift division.

How Should I Plan My Trip for the Conference?

We recommend that all teams arrive 1 to 2 days before the first day of the conference. While attending conference registration on the day before the conference is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged.

For teams traveling from outside of New York City, it is advisable to plan your trip to arrive on February 26 (or March 19) or earlier. This will allow your team adequate time to rest and attend registration.

If your team is staying at the Sheraton Hotel, we usually suggest opting for a 3-night stay, starting on February 26 (or March 19) and ending on February 28 (or March 21). Check-out is by noon on March 1 (or March 22), and complimentary luggage storage will be provided. Options for selecting the length of your stay at the venue hotel are available in our registration form.

When planning your stay, whether at the Sheraton or another hotel, several factors should be considered, including budget (longer stays are more expensive), school calendar or policies, and the overall intention of the trip. If you are traveling from a considerable distance, you might be interested in extending your stay in New York City to explore the city either before or after the conference.

What is the Tentative Nature of the Schedule?

Overall, we do not anticipate significant changes in the daily schedule. However, the structure of the conference may be influenced by whether or not GCMUN is granted permission to hold part of its sessions at the United Nations Headquarters.

For GCMUN 2024, there was a schedule adjustment due to the only available slots at the United Nations Headquarters being on a Thursday. Consequently, the first debate session was replaced with an Opening Ceremony at the United Nations, followed by a return to the Sheraton Hotel after lunch to resume the regular programming.

Is the United Nations Headquarters a Venue for the Conference?

The availability of the United Nations Headquarters as a conference venue is not guaranteed and is subject to the formal and informal meetings or needs of the United Nations. A reservation of UN meeting rooms, even if previously granted, can be withdrawn by the United Nations at any time.

GCMUN has successfully secured the use of UNHQ spaces each time it has applied. While this track record does not guarantee acceptance every year, our intention is to continue providing the UNHQ as a venue for our participants.

Please note: Access to the United Nations Headquarters and the use of its meeting rooms is complimentary. Should our request to use these meeting rooms be granted, no additional fees will be required from participants. GCMUN is dedicated to enabling schools to participate in events at the United Nations—if granted—without the necessity of attending the GCMUN conference or incurring any associated fees.

When Will Shift Assignments Be Communicated to Participants?

Shifts will only impact portions of the event where all participants are involved in the same activity and room, primarily the Closing Ceremony.

GCMUN’s core programming does not include an Opening Ceremony. However, this may change based on the availability of the United Nations Headquarters.

Committee sessions and lunch breaks will not be affected by the shift division. Participants may leave once their closing ceremony shift concludes, marking the end of their participation in the event.

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Session 1  | Feb. 27 - Mar. 1, 2025

Session 2  | March 20-22, 2025           


Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel Business Center


3 Days, 9.30am to 6.30pm