Global Citizens Model United Nations

Session 1: February 27 | March 1

Session 2: March 20 | March 22


What Is GCMUN?

GCMUN, hosted annually at the prestigious Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel, stands as a beacon of international diplomacy and student empowerment. Distinguished by its commitment to fostering genuine student engagement, GCMUN provides a distinctive Model UN experience. Through meticulously crafted committee simulations, participants are immersed in realistic scenarios, igniting their passion for global affairs and honing their diplomatic skills. This immersive environment encourages active involvement, sparking dynamic debates, and fostering meaningful exchanges of ideas. GCMUN isn’t just a conference; it’s a transformative journey where students emerge as informed, empowered global citizens ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Academic Exchange

GCMUN is dedicated to offering a premier educational experience within a vibrant and intellectually stimulating setting. Participants can look forward to engaging with pertinent current topics and engaging in robust debate sessions.

Global Convergence

In our previous iterations, we’ve had the privilege of hosting over 4000 participants hailing from 10 distinct regions across the globe. This rich diversity fosters a vibrant exchange of cultures, ideas, and perspectives, truly embodying the essence of a global melting pot.

Skill Mastery

Attendees have the opportunity to hone essential skills such as public speaking, teamwork, problem-solving, time management, adaptability, creativity, and leadership. Foundational abilities crucial for navigating diverse work environments and adapting to the dynamic demands of modern society.

Why Attend GCMUN?

GCMUN 2025 is excited to announce that we will be hosting two separate conference sessions. Both sessions will offer identical experiences, although there might be variations in the committee staff board between them. Rest assured, the committees and topics will remain the same for both sessions. As for the schedule, there might be slight adjustments between sessions.

Which session to attend? The choice is yours, depending on your school or MUN club calendar! Pick the one that aligns best with your schedule.

Registration is open to Faculty Advisors with a valid district or school email address. We encourage you to provide two email addresses in the registration form: one for the Faculty Advisor and the other for the MUN Club or its Secretary General/Leader (student).

Age Range

GCMUN welcomes students from grades 7 to 12, ranging from 12 to 18 years old. While it is primarily a High School conference, with most participants being High School students, Middle School students have also participated successfully in the past. If you are considering whether GCMUN is suitable for your students, please feel free to contact us for more information.


GCMUN maintains a straightforward fee structure, with each student participant required to pay an individual fee, which varies depending on the registration period. Faculty Advisors are not charged any fees for accompanying  their students.

Financial aid options are available to ensure that all interested students have the opportunity to participate.


GCMUN offers preferred rates for The Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel, with room availability being limited and prices varying based on the registration period. It is important to note that all taxes are included in these rates. While staying at the venue hotel is definitely convenient, it is not mandatory and other accommodation options can be pursued.



More about this coming soon!



Staff Board

GCMUN’s staff comprises experienced volunteers from around the world, all dedicated to fostering a dynamic and educational MUN experience. 

Open staff position available, click on and learn more.


The GCMUN schedule is designed to promote academic excellence, featuring engaging debate sessions and well-timed active rest periods to ensure a balanced and enriching experience for all participants.

Registration Process 101

Poke Interest

Gauge the interest of your students in joining GCMUN. Select a session that best fits your school calendar and student needs.

Send Your Registration

Complete the registration form with either tentative or accurate details, including any specific needs or requests. If you need to make changes after submitting the form, please contact us via email rather than submitting a new registration.

Check Your Inbox

GCMUN’s Registration Team reviews all applications received and sends out a confirmation email along with the conference invoice. Be sure to check your spam folders to ensure you receive this information.

Check Your Invoice

It is essential to respond to the invoice email promptly. Your confirmation helps our team ensure that all information is accurate and that no modifications are needed to your invoice.

If we do not receive a reply within a week, your registration will be canceled.

Keep Us in the Loop

We aim to build trust and effective communication before the conference. Please keep us updated on your progress and feel free to reach out with any questions or requests, such as adding or removing students, adjusting room allocations, or needing more time for payment. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Pay Your Invoice

Upon confirming your registration, we allocate seats for your students, but they are not guaranteed until payment is received. You can choose to send a non-refundable deposit, pay in full, or split the payment into up to three installments. We accept credit cards, checks, and bank transfers for your convenience.

Receive Conference Materials

Upon confirmation of your participation, GCMUN will provide essential resources via email, including country and committee allocations, background guides, team rosters, and a conference preparation guide. Please keep this email safe and contact us if you have paid but not received it.

Fill Your Team Roster (and Rooming List)

The team roster is a crucial document for GCMUN. It contains important information, such as the countries and committees assigned to your team, as well as the rooming list if accommodation has been requested.

Completing this document accurately with full names and surnames in both the roster and rooming list is essential.

Send Over Position Papers and Liability Forms

Position Papers and Liability Forms are essential and must be submitted before the conference begins.

Position Papers are the only “homework” for students, demonstrating their understanding of their country’s position and aiding in their preparation.

Liability Forms: must be signed by a parent or guardian to ensure permissions and acknowledgments for the participants’ safety. 

See You at GCMUN!

Effective communication throughout the process is essential for ensuring a smooth and seamless experience. Our primary goal is to make everything as simple and straightforward as possible for you. To achieve this, please add all our email addresses to your “safe” list to ensure you receive all important communications without any issues.

By maintaining open and reliable communication, we can address any concerns promptly and provide the necessary support to facilitate your preparations. This proactive approach will help avoid any challenges and ensure a successful and well-coordinated event. 

Scholarships & Financial Aid

GCMUN is dedicated to providing fair and equal opportunities for schools and students from all backgrounds. Financial constraints, whether from club or school funding limitations, should not be a barrier to participating in our conference. We are committed to ensuring accessibility for all.

If your school is recognized as a Title 1 school or if you require financial assistance, please contact us. We are here to support you and ensure that everyone has the chance to benefit from our programs, regardless of financial circumstances.

Early Registration

July 2024

Regular Registration

October 2024

Late Registration

December 2024

Join thousands of students at GCMUN. Registration opens soon!

Our 2024 Session


Thousands of enthusiastic students from around the world coming together to participate in GCMUN 2024, engaging in dynamic debates, honing their diplomatic skills, and simulated real United Nations proceedings. The event was a blend of rigorous academic discussions and enjoyable activities, fostering a spirit of collaboration and global awareness among the future leaders of our world.



Session 1  | Feb. 27 - Mar. 1, 2025

Session 2  | March 20-22, 2025           


Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel Business Center


3 Days, 9.30am to 6.30pm