Committees & Topics

Here you will find committees and topics for GCMUN 2022. Sessions are identical, topics and committees will not change.

Both Sessions of GCMUN 2022 willfeature the same committees and topics. Participants will be able to download background guides here as soon as they. are released. Files are protected, your Faculty Advisor and/or MUN Club SG/Leader have the password.


Disarmament and International Security Committee

The Proliferation of Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWS) and the Need for International Regulation



Economic and Financial Affairs Committee

Economic Transition Towards Sustainable Development: The Role of Digital Technologies


Social, Cultural & Humanitarian Committee

LGBTQ+ People: Reducing Inequalities and Promoting an Inclusive Future


Special Political and Decolonization Committee

Non-Self-Governing Territories: Rights, Policies and New Perspectives


Climate Change Impacts on Refugees: A Call for A New International Convention

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