What is GCMUN?

The Global Citizens Model United Nations is a Model UN conference held each February in New York City.
It is an intense 3-day conference that strives to simulate the General Assembly of the United Nations. GCMUN has a single delegation policy which means that each participating student will be representing one country resulting in incredibly productive debate sessions and smaller sized committee rooms for a great level of comfort. It is run by an all-volunteer staff coming from the world’s most prestigious universities.

When does GCMUN take place?

GCMUN is held annually in the month of February. This year’s GCMUN conference will run on February 22-24, 2018.

When can I register?

GCMUN registrations consist in a 2-step process. The “Early Registration” phase, which begins in May and ends on September, 30. Early Registration is characterised by further discounts for participating students and/or delegations. Meanwhile “Regular Registration” starts on October, 1 and ends on October, 30.

Why choose GCMUN?

The Global Citizens Model United Nations is the best conference for students, it provides incredible debating sessions thank to our massively skilled and talented staff, comfort-sized committee rooms, a maximum of 193 delegates in each committee room. Our participants in the last years have been able to join debate at the UNHQ. Please note that sessions are subject to availability of space at the United Nations. Please, note that Meetings and sessions of the United Nations and other intergovernamental bodies take precedence over Model United Nations conferences.

Is there a maximum of students per delegation?

No! There are simply no limits regarding delegation size.

What will happen after my registration?

We strive on giving a personal touch in everything that is GCMUN-related. Right after your registration our team will evaluate it and send you a confirmation email with a brief recap of key points and an invoice. After having receive further confirmation we will release our instruction on how to settle the invoice and our conference preparation guide.

What happens after I settle my invoice?

After receiving confirmation of your payment, we will release all files and data that are available at that moment. This might include: Conference Preparation Guide, Background Guides, Country & Committee Assignments and Delegate Handbook.

What is your refund policy?

GCMUN offers a full refund for conference fees up until February, 15. Hotel Accommodaton refunds must be requested prior January, 1. Unfortuantely our partner hotel requests advance payments for the entirety of rooms and conference rooms booked, we are not able to modify room requests after January, 1 of each year.

Why does GCMUN have a "single delegation?

Our idea behind this approach heavily relies on the stressing of group work, not limited at the comfort of each delegate’s MUN club, but greatly focused on committee sessions. We also believe this standard will push even further the educational value and gain linked to the participation to GCMUN and will bring school delegation to share knowledge, as students might exchange facts and data between each other given their countries’ different approach on the issues. All of this will result in delegates having the possibility to shine individually and see an immediate recognition of efforts made during the preparation process.

Is there a way to indicate our preference for country assignemnts?

Yes! Right in the registration form there is a field in which you can list all your country requests. This may or may not be respected due to conference organisation. Early registrants do have priority over country requests.

Can we choose committees?

Schools will not be given a direct possibility of choosing committee, but given our “single delegation” approach it is guaranteed that your delegation will be given all 5 committees that we have available.

Do you offer financial aid to schools?

Yes! We fully believe in the educative value of Model UN conference, for this reason we deeply think that financial availabilities should not impair the possibility for students to participate. Please go to the “Resources” section of our website to download our scholarship form and follow instructions.