GCMUN 2019 Registration

We are building from the ground up a new automated registration system embedding it directly on our servers. The new system will give participants (delegations) a personal account and centralised view to always be up to date with deadlines, schedule, conference files and so on. 

GCMUN 2019 will offer a Pre-Registration, an Early Registration and obviously a Regular one

Pre-Registering will grant your delegation secure spots for the conference which you will be able to confirm and/or update easily. As soon as registration opens you will be automatically registered. We will contact the email provided, send you our conference invoice and ask for confirmation of your pre-registratio. You will be able to modify your registration once contacted by a member of our team. All benefits from “Early Registration” will apply to Pre-Registrants



Priviliged Access to all conference information and registration. All benefits from Early Registration Apply.

Early Registration 


Further discounts and possibility of hand picking countries and committees for GCMUN 2019

Our “Early Registration” is now officially open, pelase go ahead and register your delegation. Once you have filled the form, our team will reach out to you in a maximum of 48 hours with a recap of your registration and our invoice.  The latter has to be considered open until all details are confirmed. 

Regular Registration

Now Open!

Regular fees, country and committee assigned on first-come, first-served basis 

Single Delegates

What about single delegates? 

Do not worry! We will still be accepting Single Delegates to GCMUN, we have exciting news to announce but we are not quite ready yet. Please bare with us while we work hard to prepare everything for a great announcement! 

Stay Tuned!