Conference Timeline

This page was created to help the busy faculty advisors have an overview on all deadlines for our conference. We know how crazy it can get when you set off to organize the participation in a Model United Nations conference. We hope this deadline cluster will ease up your job! 



Now Open: Pre-Registrations

Pre-registration for GCMUN opens up in June and helps both the organizers and the participants. If you Pre-Registered for our conference you will receive in due time an email to confrim or update your pre-registration. 


Early Registration

Early registraiton opens up in September. Every registration will be reviewed and approved by our team. Once it is confirmed you will receive an email from our teams with the conference invoice. All pre-registrants and early-registratant have access to a number of benefits. Early registration ends on September, 30. 

October, 1

Regular Registration

Regular registration works exactly like “Early Registration”, but lacks its benefits. 

Registration will close on November 1, 2019 

We will still be accepting registrations, but please note that you will be put in a wait-list. You will be contacted as soons as/if spots become available. 



As soon as your registration is approved you will receive our conference invoice. You can settle it immediately or divide it in up to 3 installments. Payment Deadline will not change because of the installments

November, 30

Conference/Hotel Fees Deadline

Wheter you have registered late or have requested an installments plan, make sure to remember this date. We will not reserve your spots if payment has not yet been performed. 

January, 1

Hotel Refund Deadline

While we are able to refund conference fees up unitl a month prior to the conference. We will be unable to refund Accommodation fees beyond January 1, 2019. 

Conference Deadlines

December, 15

Delegate Rooster Deadline

As soon as we have received your payment we will release the countries and committees assigned to your delegations. 

Your only task here is to provide us with the names of the students from your delegation and let us know which country and committee (previously released) are going to represent. 

February, 1

Liability Forms Deadline

In due time you will find in your personal page our liability form. You must email signed copies of the liability form to us, one per participant. 

February, 10

Position Papers Deadline

Position Papers need to be sent to the appropriate email address by February 10, 2019. Failure to meet the deadline, or to hand out Position Papers entirely will lead to delegation exclusion from conference awards. 

Our Duties

Country & Committees Assignment

As soon as we have received your payment we will release in your personal page your countries and committees assignments. If this does not happen please email us immediately


Background Guides

Together with Country and Committeess Assignemnts, our Background Guides should become available for your to download in your personal page. If that does not happen please emails us immediately. 

Conference Schedule

We will be releasing our conference schedule through our web system and it will be available to download through your personal page. We will release our schedule no later that February, 10. If you do not see it by then, please email us.