GCMUN is built upon great standards of education and its foundation revolves around helping participants understand foreign policies, international relations and diplomacy. The same standards are also expected of the delegations participating in GCMUN, as debate is never dull and a good preparation is required in order to get the most out of every session. We expect a wide range of delegates, from widely experienced to first-timers, but whether category you belong to: don’t worry! Our staffers (whom you may contact by email for anything you might need), this page and our background guides will help you get the necessary equipment.

Delegates will mainly focus on high-level research on the topic in agenda. Your sole purpose as a delegate of the United Nations is to find a solution that is comprehensive and touches every single aspect of the topic. Our Background Guides (BGs) will be published in October, titles of our topics will be made available to you as soon as possible. BGs should be the first step of your preparation: pay specific attention to each section and especially to the questions at the end of the booklet, as they will help you identify the key points you need to stress in order to define your position.

A deep mastery of the topic needs to be backed up by a solid knowledge of the assigned country. As an ambassador, you are required to bring the position of your country forward, even at the expenses of your personal opinions and ideas. It is paramount that the position of your country on the topic be as clear as possible: knowing the limits within which you can move will allow you to be as creative and cunning as possible in view of the aim you pursue.

In terms of general preparation, delegations should carefully read our Delegate’s Guide, which includes: a tentative schedule of events, various information about the conference run-through, such as the dress code, the code of conduct and useful contact information for your queries.

At GCMUN, student will apply the standard Rules of Procedures (ROPs), the same used at the “real” United Nations. A full briefing on ROPs will be available to Faculty Advisors and Students in the Conference Preparation Guide. Students will also be required to draft and submit a Position Paper prior to the conference. Further information regarding Position Papers will be included in the Conference Preparation Guide.