Global Citizens Model United Nations

The Global Citizens Model United Nation (GCMUN) is a 3-day intense conference that will be held in New York City on February 22-24, 2018. At GCMUN, High School students will have the opportunity to live and breathe the real life of an ambassador. During the simulation, its participants will spend at least one full day at the United Nations Headquarters.
Model United Nations around the world are well-known for their huge educational value, and GCMUN will be no different. Students will engage in highly stimulating debates on world-class issues directly selected from the United Nations Agenda.
Teamwork is of key importance both for the drafting of official-looking United Nations documents and for the debating. The value of the individual will be as equally stressed when students are prepared to take up on their role as delegates, researching like real scholars, helped and encouraged by the highly formative Background Guides, that will kindle the students’ interest in deepening their knowledge on the various matters. Due to the high consideration GCMUN holds for education and for the preparation of the students, the staff will be composed of graduates and undergraduates from the world’s most prestigious universities, all supported by a wide experience in MUNs conferences.

GCMUN 2017 

A small and fun recap of our previous session!

  • Internationality  50%
  • Student Satisfaction 100%
  • Faculty Advisor Satisfaction 100%

Minutes Spent Caucusing

Roses Sent

Delegates Awards