The Global Citizens Model United Nation (GCMUN) is an intense 3-day conference held in New York City, usually at the end of February. GCMUN is a High School conference but has accepted in the past – with great success – also younger student (Grade 7-8). Particiating students have had the opportunity to live, work and breathe in the same exact surroundings as their real counterparts – the ambassadors – each day do.  If compatible with the ordinary work of the United Nations, thanks to the partnership with some permanent mission, delegates participating in GCMUN might have the opportunity of spending one day in the United Nations Headquarters.*

Model United Nations around the world are well-known for their huge educational value, and GCMUN has been no different. You can expect your students to engage in highly stimulating debates on world-class issues directly selected from the United Nations Agenda. GCMUN boosts on the perfection of important skills of its young participants such as teamwork, necessary to carry a productive debate and experience at the conference and individuality cherished by the adoption of a Single Delegation methodology when assigning countries and committees. 

*GCMUN keeps contacts with the United Nations in order to book conference rooms, but it is impossible for our organization to ensure with certainty the availability of said rooms up until the day we are phisically there. The United Nations is a working organization and last-minute emergency sessions have obvious priority over any kind of bookings we might make. 


GCMUN was born as a conference with the purpose of delivering the highest educational experience to its participants. The Secretariat will carry out day-to-day operations, such as redacting our excellent BGs, selecting and training our staffers, communicating with Faculty Advisors and managing everything that concerns Delegates’ Services. This body will be entirely composed of graduates and undergraduates from the world’s most prestigious universities. Such a diverse environment will contribute, together with the educational background and the long MUN experience of the staffers, to a unique management of the conference.
GCMUN will have the possibility to experience an unprecedented level of care, thanks to our high responsiveness to emails, our fully functioning “help desk”, the coaching sessions for students willing to apply to universities and our regard for the committees to be of a suitable size and provided with the necessary facilities.

International Value

GCMUN has been thought and developed as a highly formative international forum. Thanks to the praiseworthy efforts of our team, we managed to find prestigious partners that, like us, consider very highly the value of education. Faculty Advisors and students can be sure that GCMUN, thanks to the extraordinary quality of its staff, will bring together countless people from the world’s most diverse countries. Such high standards will be determining in the selection of the best staff members and the best students.

Educational Value

GCMUN will deliver one of the highest educational experiences in matters such as International Relations and Diplomacy. Delegates will manage to achieve a deep understanding of complex mechanisms that pull the strings of International Relations. It will all begin by applying the same Rules of Procedures real delegates must comply with at the United Nations, up to developing a vast variety of skills which often turn out to be essential in the life of an ambassador: extensive research on world-class issues, drafting of speeches and official documents, pragmatic creativity in finding solutions, ability to assume a leading position and mastering the art of compromise. Students will be thoroughly coached by our staffers, who will take part in a 3-month training program prior to conference to ensure that staffers are prepared and the utmost quality

GCMUN 2019

The Global Citizens Model United Nations 2019 was a great succes. Piling up results and feedback from the 2018 sessions, the Secretariat managed to surpass previous attendance records and setting new highs. More than 1600 delegates had the chance of participating to GCMUN debating in the big and comfortable committee rooms of the Sheraton Hotel and on the last session changing scenery and working their way in the United Nations Headquarters debating in Committee rooms 1, 2,3,4, ECOSOC and Trusteeship Council Room.  


Faculty Advisors